Vocal Workout: Chest Voice

vocal workouts Apr 04, 2024

Your chest voice register is one of the most important register to train and master. Sing along with this Chest Voice vocal workout to train your chest voice muscle and sing with more power and strength!

Understanding the Importance of Consistency

Before we jump into the exercises, it's crucial to understand the significance of consistency in vocal training. Many beginners make the mistake of doing vocal workouts sporadically, but trained singers know that real progress comes from consistent practice. Just like going to the gym, training your voice requires regularity to build muscle memory and improve vocal technique.

Embracing the Boldness of Chest Voice

One common hurdle for beginner singers is the fear of projecting their voice loudly and boldly. However, in chest voice training, embracing this boldness is key to unlocking your full vocal potential. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, remember that your vocal development and freedom are worth far more than any temporary discomfort or fear of inconvenience to others.

The Vocal Workout: Exercises to Strengthen Your Chest Voice

Now, let's get into the heart of the vocal workout. We'll be working through a series of exercises focused on building and strengthening your chest voice. Each exercise is designed to help you develop control, resonance, and stability in this vocal register.

  1. "Ma" Exercise: Start by vocalizing on the syllable "ma," making sure to produce a big, bold sound. Feel the vibrations in your chest to ensure you're staying in your chest voice throughout the exercise.

  2. "Neigh" Exercise: Add twang to your voice with the "neigh" exercise, focusing on producing a gritty, ugly sound. Embrace the roughness as you maintain chest voice resonance.

  3. "Ly" Exercise: Practice articulating with the "ly" articulation, keeping your voice grounded in chest resonance. This exercise helps integrate vocal technique with articulation skills.

  4. Vocal Fry to Slide Exercise: Activate your chest voice with vocal fry before sliding up to a note, then back down to vocal fry. This exercise enhances chest voice control and flexibility.

  5. Song Application: Apply your chest voice training to a song excerpt, such as "Read All About It" by Emily Sandé. Focus on maintaining chest voice resonance as you navigate through the melody.

The Importance of Theory and Practice

While this vocal workout provides valuable practical exercises, understanding the theory behind vocal technique is equally essential. If you're ready to train your voice on a deeper level, click this link and register for the free training!

Congratulations on completing your chest voice workout! Remember, consistency is key to vocal improvement, so make it a habit to practice these exercises regularly. 

Thank you for joining me on this vocal journey, and I look forward to seeing you again soon for more vocal tips and exercises. Until next time, happy singing!