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Now that registration has closed, I'm all-in on serving our community and helping them get results, but I don't want to leave you out! 

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Here's what's waiting for you when becoming the newest member of the Singing Insiders...

Core Curriculum

The exact step-by-step process to train your voice and take your singing to the next level.

Monthly Masterclasses

These cover a specific topic designed to improve your singing even more.

Vocal Workout Library

Access our ever-growing vocal workout library and train your voice using specific sing-a-long exercises.

Get feedback on your work

Ask for feedback on your singing to make sure you're applying the different vocal techniques in the right way.

Singing Insiders Community

Connect with like-minded singers, be inspired and learn from each other.

Access to our team of coaches

Get feedback and support throughout your singing journey from our team of well-trained coaches.

Monthly Open Mic Sessions

Show off your work and practice singing in front of a virtual audience.

And so much more!

As a member there are so many other things to discover to enhance your singing journey!

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