Vibrato: How To Use It While Singing

vocal technique Nov 15, 2023

Let's talk about: vibrato! In this episode you're going to learn what exactly this famous effect is and how to apply it in your singing. 

Alright, imagine this: nailing that gorgeous vibrato in your singing. Ever wondered how to make that magic happen? In this podcast episode, we're diving into the land of vibrato, breaking down the mystery and showing you exactly how to rock that vocal effect in your songs.

What’s in Store for You

This episode is your ticket to understanding vibrato and, more importantly, using it in your songs. It's not some secret skill for a lucky few; it's something you can totally learn with a bit of practice and know-how.

Let’s Bust Some Myths

Oops, Beginner Mistakes!

Hey, we all start somewhere, right? Here are some usual blunders when it comes to vibrato:

  • All or Nothing: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you're either born with vibrato or you're not. It's more like a cool trick you can totally learn.

  • The Sneaky Vibrato: It doesn’t just magically appear. Waiting for it to ‘pop’ out might mean missing out on controlling the vibe.

  • Control Freaks: Without training and knowing how to control it, you might struggle to make it work.

Fixing Those Flubs: The Road to Singing Superhero Status

Recognizing these mistakes is the first step toward kicking them to the curb. Once you know that you can actually learn and control vibrato, you’re on your way to becoming a singing rockstar.

The Sing Your (Self) To Freedom Formula: Building Your Vocal Game

We’re cracking open the first pillar of the Sing Your (Self) To Freedom Formula - Vocal Technique. Here's what you’ll do to get that vibrato shining:

  • Vibrato Warm-Up: Ever heard of the "pretend-your-in-jail" - exercise? It's an exercise that gets your vibrato gears going.

  • Taking the Reins: Learn to control vibrato, slotting it in just where you want in a note—beginning, middle, or end.

  • Sing It Out: Practice makes perfect! Apply what you’ve learned to songs, like jamming out to "Iridescent" by Linkin Park, and let that vibrato flow.

Check out the video above to practice this with me in real time!

Your Next Move

Now you know the big secret: vibrato isn’t a superpower, it’s a skill you can totally get the hang of. This episode lays out the plan, walking you through the steps to master vibrato, giving you exercises, and showing you how to groove with it in songs.

Take Action Time

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Thank you for spending this time here together! I'm looking forward to see you here again next week!