From Shower Singer To Confident Singer - with Jan & Dona

podcast Nov 02, 2023

Today, we've got some exceptional guests in the spotlight. The goal is simple: to reveal what's achievable when you set your mind to it. I've invited two extraordinary individuals, Jan and Donna, to join me and unveil their personal journeys.

The reason? Well, while I could talk endlessly about the wonders of singing and the boundless potential it holds, there's something magical about hearing it from fellow singers. Sometimes, you might just discover yourself in their stories and realize that your singing path is brimming with untapped potential.

In this episode you will hear, among other things:

  • Discussing Jan’s previous struggles with high notes and vocal techniques (04:04)

  • The role of mixed voice and Maggie's guidance (04:28)

  • Personal growth and self-confidence

  • Donna's journey and story of singing in the shower and feeling a deep connection with music (08:38)

  • The ripple effect of singing on her personal life and relationships (09:57)

  • How music and singing have affected their overall happiness and openness (13:28)

  • Donna's newfound confidence and her influence on colleagues (16:02)

  • Discussing the Singing Insiders and its role in ongoing learning (18:50)

  • Highlighting the importance of the singing community (19:43)

  • Exploring the name and story behind Donna's rock band "Railway 17" (23:56)

  • Embracing life and saying "yes" to new opportunities (59:42)

  • Reflecting on the journey of experiencing vocal freedom and embracing the importance of receiving feedbacks (01:00:00)

  • What is the impact when someone outside your circle is not supportive of your singing journey (01:06)

  • How can you regain your consistency and commitment when you've veered off course?  (01:11:00)

  • And so much more!


I'd like to convey my appreciation for your continued presence here this week. Your passion and support mean a great deal to me, and I truly value it! If you found today's content enjoyable (and I genuinely hope you did), I extend an invitation to join this free training designed to give your singing journey a real transformation: