Blending Vocal Training With Yoga - with Momo Miyaguchi

podcast Mar 21, 2024

Hey there, wonderful listeners! Welcome to this week's special episode of our podcast. Today, we're joined by the delightful Momo Miyaguchi, an incredible artist, yoga teacher, and voice trainer. Get ready for an enlightening conversation on seamlessly blending vocal training with the principles of yoga.

In this episode, you'll discover:


  • Meet Momo: Discover the multi-faceted talents of Momo as she shares insights into her journey as a singer and yoga instructor. (3:48)

  • Embracing Heritage and Vulnerability: Dive into Momo's Japanese roots and explore the beauty of embracing vulnerability. (07:00)

  • Expressing Authenticity: Learn how to embrace your unique voice and truth while overcoming the fear of vulnerability. (12:54)

  • Embodying Presence: It's not about the 'how', but about embodying every aspect of our being. (15:00)

  • Openness to Inspiration: Keep your senses alert to explore what inspires and excites you the most. (21:00)

  • The Performers' Sacred Place: Overcoming fears and finding solace in your creative space. (22:38)

  • Power of Voice: Explore how our voices resonate beyond mere sound, tapping into emotions and spirit. (23:30)

  • Yoga for Singing: Uncover yoga practices that complement and enhance singing training. (27:05)


Connect with Momo:

Find Momo on Instagram @momo_miyaguchi_taika for more inspiration and insights.

Connect with her on Facebook:

Email: [email protected]


Link to Diaphragmatic Mini-course for podcast listeners:


Until our next episode, keep singing, keep shining, and keep embracing your radiant expression. See you soon! 🎤🌟


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