Balancing Effort and Ease When Singing

mindset Oct 12, 2023

 Many aspiring singers often think that singing should always be effortless and comfortable, and that's an entirely understandable belief. After all, if it doesn't feel right, something is likely amiss. So when singers encounter tension, hoarseness, or discomfort, they assume they're doing something wrong.

Now, here's the catch: singing does require some effort, but it's not about pain, tension, or hoarseness. It's about knowing which areas of your body need a bit of tension to achieve that effortless sound. It's the difference between the sound being effortless and the effort it takes to produce that sound. Clear as crystal, right? 

So, feel free to feel a bit uncomfortable when singing. I emphasize "uncomfortable" and not "painful." Feeling a bit challenged is perfectly fine, as long as it leads to using your voice more efficiently.

Let me share an example from my singing journey. I've been a vocal coach for years but always seek to improve my voice. Recently, I tried a vocal exercise that pushed my limits. Did it feel comfortable? Nope, it was tiring, but not for my vocal cords. My abdominal muscles got quite the workout. The result? It's an amazing sound! Sometimes, you need to embrace the discomfort to achieve that effortless sound.

Most of the time, the discomfort will stem from your abdominal muscles, which are crucial for proper breath support. So, step one on your singing journey is to focus on vocal technique. It's a broad term, but it boils down to using the right vocal techniques correctly and knowing which muscles to engage and release to strike that balance.

Now, here's some exciting news. I've got a free training called "DISCOVER THE MOST POWERFUL VOCAL TECHNIQUE." In this training, we'll dive deeper into vocal training, providing you with the tools to hone your voice. Trust me; it has transformed how some people approach singing.

Your homework for today is to go through it and experience the difference in your singing when you apply this vocal technique.

I hope to see you there and am eager to hear about your progress. Remember, keep practicing, keep singing, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need guidance. 

Thank you for being so supportive, and I can't wait to catch you here again soon. Bye for now! 🎵