4 Ways To Release Straining When Singing

vocal technique Oct 26, 2023

If you've ever struggled with hitting those high or low notes without straining, you're in the right place! In this episode you'll discover 4 ways to get rid of straining or "pushing" of the voice. Let's go!

Beginner singers often struggle with straining or pushing their voices without realizing it. They may believe it's normal or a part of singing, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Here, we will bridge the gap between beginner and confident, trained singers.

In the world of trained singers, straining is a big no-no. They use specific vocal techniques, like belting or mixed belting, to sing those high, powerful, and loud notes. Straining is a sign of incorrect voice use, and once you recognize it, you can seek healthier alternatives.

As you become aware of these common mistakes, you transition from being a beginner singer to a confident, trained one. In this world, straining is the enemy, and there's a specific vocal technique to achieve those powerful high notes without it.


The Four Pillars of Singing Success

We follow the "Sing Yourself to Freedom" formula, which rests on four pillars: mindset, vocal technique, creativity, and connection. Today, we're diving deep into the vocal technique pillar.


Strategy 1: Use the Wall

One way to combat straining is by using a wall. Pretend you're sitting on an invisible chair against the wall. This helps align your head correctly and maintains the proper distance between your earlobe and shoulder. It promotes good posture and minimizes strain.


Strategy 2: The Elastic Band Trick

For this, you'll need an elastic band. Step into it with your feet and hold the band with your hands. Pull the band to engage your core when singing, supporting diaphragmatic breathing. When breathing, let the band relax. Training your core muscles and ensuring you breathe correctly is a great exercise.


Strategy 3: Neck Massages for Freedom

Sometimes, when singing higher pitches, you can massage your neck while singing. This technique can instantly release tension and help you hit those notes without straining.


Strategy 4: Harness Gravity

When you feel strain creeping in, simply bow forward while singing. Let gravity work in your favor, releasing tension and allowing you to hit high notes with power and relaxation.


Going Deeper: Vocal Technique

These four strategies are like bandages for an open wound. They provide immediate relief. But to truly eliminate straining, we must address the root cause. Vocal technique is critical, and we're offering free training that dives deeper into this aspect. Now, here's some exciting news. This  training is called "DISCOVER THE MOST POWERFUL VOCAL TECHNIQUE." In this training, we'll dive deeper into vocal training, providing you with the tools to hone your voice. Trust me; it has transformed how some people approach singing. 


Your Homework: Test and Discover

Your homework this week is to try out one of these strategies and let us know how it works for you. Everyone's voice is unique, so finding what suits you best is a huge step in your singing journey.



Thank you for being here. Your enthusiasm keeps us going. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, keep singing your heart out! 🎤🎶